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Warehousing Services

Nowadays, almost every city has companies that provide warehousing services.

What is a warehousing service? What are its advantages and business content? This article will detail the professional logistics services provided by Neptune Global Logistics, including warehousing services.


Refers to the general term for the storage and custody of materials through the warehouse and related storage activities of the warehouse.

It is produced with the production of material storage, and it develops with the development of productivity. Warehousing is one of the important links of commodity circulation and an important pillar of logistics activities. The warehousing service can provide customers with warehousing. Companies with certain warehousing capabilities provide customers with the contents of warehousing activities, which are essentially the same, but different warehousing companies have different conditions and provide certain differences in warehousing services.

Neptune Logistics has its modern warehouse logistics center in Zhangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Lianyungang, and Suzhou. With rich warehouse management experience and advanced facilities and equipment, international standardization operations, mature solutions, and a professional logistics management team, we provide customers with satisfactory warehousing logistics services.

The products involved in the Neptune Logistics Warehousing Service include high-end manufacturing, apparel fast-moving, auto spare parts, medical equipment, educational products, electronic products, furniture wood, etc., which can provide storage modes in the form of normal temperature and constant temperature.

Advantages of warehousing

1. Efficient use of resources.

Compared with self-built warehousing, Neptune global logistics warehousing can effectively deal with the problems of seasonal production in low and peak seasons, and can effectively improve the utilization of equipment and space. In addition, the Neptune global logistics warehouse management is professional, and the warehouse managers have innovative distribution concepts and master more methods to reduce costs, so the efficiency of the logistics system is higher.

2. Expand the market.

Neptune global logistics warehousing enterprises have equipment and services through strategic location selection, and the warehouse management and services obtained by shippers at different locations are the same. Neptune global logistics can reduce direct labor costs and expand the geographic location of the market while maintaining direct control over centralized storage facilities.

3. Transportation costs.

The Neptune global logistics warehousing company handles a large number of goods from different shippers at the same time. After the consolidation operation, the transportation cost can be greatly reduced through large-scale transportation.

4. System docking management.

Neptune global logistics warehousing adopts a professional warehouse management system, which can be connected to the customer platform so that customers can pay attention to the changes in commodity inventory in real-time, and replenish goods quickly and efficiently.

5. Difficulty in management and improve management efficiency.

Logistics business outsourcing can not only enable manufacturing companies to enjoy the efficiency and benefits brought by professional management, but also turn internal management activities into external contractual relationships, and turn internal management responsibilities into external legal responsibilities, which is conducive to simplifying management.

Specific service content

Neptune Global Logistics provides professional, efficient, economical, and accurate distribution services. Provide cargo owners with a complete set of integrated logistics services such as storage, loading and unloading, consolidation, order classification, spot inventory, in-transit mixing, inventory control, transportation arrangements, information, and other requirements of the cargo owner.

1. Commodity warehousing and warehousing need to be responsible for counting the number of goods, instructing the loading and unloading personnel to unload the goods to the designated location, signing receipts, issuing storage certification documents, and marking different marking cards for goods in different regions. This is all when the goods are put into the warehouse. What needs to be done.

2. The inventory of goods is divided into two parts, one is to check and confirm the goods when entering the warehouse, check the documents, the data of the goods are stored in the warehouse, and the merchant of the goods; on the other hand, it refers to the monthly inventory, which is the inventory check of the goods in the warehouse every month To form the corresponding report.

3. Warehouse management Warehousing companies need to make reasonable plans for their warehouses, to improve their internal work efficiency. At the same time, we must do a good job of fire prevention and moisture prevention inside the warehouse. Particular attention should be paid to the maintenance of storage shelves and timely replacement of damaged and rusty shelves to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Delivery, distribution, delivery, you need to layout the documents of the corresponding goods in advance, check the goods, sort out the goods that need to be out of the warehouse, and conduct a review. If some goods need to be packaged, they must be packaged and the goods must be weighed. It is important to confirm how many transport vehicles are needed to complete the transportation. Finally, after the cargo is loaded and unloaded, the relevant personnel need to sign the receipt.

5. After-sales service provides a professional customer service team to follow up on the express delivery status and the recipient’s satisfaction with the express delivery. If there is a delivery problem, timely feedback and solve it, maintain the brand reputation of e-commerce merchants, and ensure the logistics experience of end-users.

6. Value-added services In addition to warehousing services, some warehousing companies also provide value-added services such as packaging customization, code printing, product quality inspection, and payment collection.

Warehousing costs are mainly based on comprehensive factors such as the size of the order, the price of the type, and the weight of the goods to determine the price. You can calculate whether the gap between your logistics cost and warehousing and distribution services is too large. Here you need to communicate with our professional operators, and it is also very important to avoid some hidden charges.

If you want to know the storage cost, you can click on the online consultation or leave your contact information.

For 19 years, Neptune Logistics has operated many multimodal transport projects with a professional team and rich experience, providing you with the best quality service and solving related logistics problems. If you need warehousing service, feel free to contact us.

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