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Three questions you don't know about the China Railway Express

Question 1. How much does it cost to ship a container on a train

In terms of tariff, the freight rate of CRE is second only to sea freight, which is the lowest tariff standard except sea freight. However, the timeliness of China-European Liner is higher than that of sea transportation. The sea transportation time from domestic to European basic port is about 38 days, while the timeliness of domestic railroad to European station is about 18 days, which is more than twice faster than sea transportation. In addition, due to the continuous flow of domestic export orders to Europe, resulting in domestic to European shipping costs continue to skyrocket, even in the stage of lower shipping costs, space is also extremely tight, coupled with the epidemic and certain European port labor relations and other factors, the ship schedule is constantly delayed or even off class, the shipper not only to bear the high shipping costs, but also need to worry about the risk of delayed delivery time due to space and ship schedule TOB.

Although the freight of CRE is slightly higher than that of sea freight. The advantages of CRE listed below for your attention:

o Short delivery distance

o Stable shifts

o Fast timeliness

o High security

o Transparent and reasonable price

o Safe, fast and green

o Low impact by natural environment

o Cost-effective - nearly a third of the time and a quarter of the cost of air freight compared to traditional shipping methods

As a result, the China Railway Express is one of the mainstream transportation modes for trade between China and Europe. Specific shipping costs and solutions need to be evaluated based on information such as origin, destination, and gross cargo.

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Question 2. How much is a 40 ft shipping container by train

The China Railway Express is an international railroad intermodal container train organized by China Railway Corporation, which runs in accordance with the fixed frequency, route, schedule and full running time between China and Europe and other countries along the route.

The China-Europe Classical Train carries standard containers, 20’ feet and 40’ feet, to all major cities in Europe.

The First Recommended Route

The most competitive route recommended is "Zhengzhou-European" as the starting railway station to the basic railway stations in Germany and Poland. Same as international maritime ports, Europe has several basic ports such as: Felixstowe, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre. The basic European train stations of the China Railway Express for international multimodal transport are: Hamburg, Munich, and Malasevich. Through this basic train point, trucks are used for transshipment to other countries in the European Union.

The first route, that is, the most important railway international multimodal transportation, from Zhengzhou Railway Station to Hamburg, Germany and other places. The container freight from Zhengzhou to Europe is - 40-foot container freight < 45 feet < two 20-foot small containers. The total volume space of a 45-foot container is about 10 cubic meters more than that of a 40-foot container. Compared with the three sizes of containers, the most cost-effective container is a 40-foot-high container, which has a lot to do with the particularity of the railway and the official policy guidance of the railway company. It is recommended that customers first choose a 40-foot-high container to transport to Europe.

The Second Recommended Route

The second route suggestion from China to Europe, starting from Xi'an. The price of this line is slightly lower than that of Zhengzhou-driven line, and the departure cities are not far from each other.

The Third Recommended Route

The third recommended route of the China Railway Express is from Wuhan. The price of this route is similar to the route from Zhengzhou. The freight for multiple containers once may be can get discounted according to the specific time period of transformation.

The settlement is in US dollars, and the consignee in Europe who needs to pay for rail transportation by US dollars. The freight of the whole container of the China Railway Express price is not divided into containers. Whether it is using the COC container cabinet of the freight train company or the customer using his own SOC cabinet.

The full container freight quotation of the China Railway Express price includes the basic railway freight and customs export declaration fee and customs declaration fee. If the freight of the whole container is shipped from other cities in China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places, it is necessary to increase the freight of the domestic section on the basis of the price of the existing container train.

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Question 3 What routes are available for China Railway Express

In terms of spatial layout, the China Railway Express included Western, Central and Eastern Routes:

— Major inland cargo node. The company has a stable source of cargo, operates more than 2 point-to-point direct trains per week, has the ability to organize return trains, and undertakes the function of gathering and directing the cargo of China-Europe trains.

— Major railroad hub nodes. It has an important position in the national comprehensive transportation network, with strong assembly and formation capacity, and undertakes the function of collecting and consolidating China-Europe trains into whole, transit and distribution.

— Important coastal port nodes. It has an important position in transit transportation and has perfect conditions for rail-water intermodal transportation, running more than 3 point-to-point direct trains every week and undertaking the function of international sea-rail intermodal transportation of China-Europe trains.

The China Railway Express line included China Railway Express Direct Line and China Railway Express Transit Line:

China Railway Express Direct Line is a point-to-point line running between major Chinese cities, important coastal ports and other cities in Asia and Europe.

n China Railway Express Transit Line refers to the liner that is operated by the main railroad hub node to gather cargo sources from other nearby cities in the region.

China Railway Express Operation Route.

- 1 Chongqing - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Duisburg (Germany) and other two-way

- 2. Chongqing - Manzhouli - Cherkessk (Russia)

- 3 Zhengzhou - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Hamburg (Germany) and other two-way——

- 4 Zhengzhou - Erlianhot - Hamburg (Germany)

- 5 Chengdu - Alashankou (Horgos) - Lodz (Poland) and other two-way——

- 6 Wuhan - Alashankou (Horgos) - Pardubice (Czech Republic) and other two-way

- 7 Wuhan - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Hamburg (Germany) and other two-way——

- 8 Wuhan - Manzhouli - Tomsk (Russia)

- 9 Suzhou - Manzhouli Warsaw (Poland) and other departures

- 10 Suzhou - Manzhouli - Brest (Belarus)

- 11 Yiwu - Alashankou (Horgos) - Madrid (Spain)——

- 12 Shenyang - Manzhouli - Hamburg (Germany)

- 13 Changsha - Manzhouli - Hamburg (Germany)

- 14 Lanzhou - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Hamburg (Germany)——

- 15 Beijing/Tianjin - Erlianhot - Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

- 16 Lianyungang - Alashankou (Horgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 17 Yingkou - Manzhouli - Zabaikalye (Russia)

- 18 Qingdao - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 19 Urumqi - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 20 Xi'an - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 21 Hefei - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 22 Jinan - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

- 23 Dongguan - Alashankou (Khorgos) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

For more routes, such as Shijiazhuang / Baoding / Kunming / Guiyang / Xiamen / Taiyuan / Nanchang / Nanjing / Nanning / Harbin / Changchun / Yinchuan / Xining / Baotou / Linyi / Wuwei / Yiwu / Lianyungang / Tianjin, please contact Neptune Logistics, Tel: +65 67219386,

Customized solutions will tailor based on the requirement of your project.

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