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The airfreight market will have explosive growth, containers went on airplane!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Two U.S. ports are close to collapse

Beginning on the 16th, freight forwarders have successively stated that they have received warning notices from several shipping companies such as Yixing, Maison, Evergreen, etc.: "due to labor shortages in Los Angeles, the ship's operations are restricted and port congestion is serious. Customers need to be ready for delays. In December and even in the coming months, the lack of cabinets and the lack of space will become more severe!

The California Trucking Association (CTA) and the U.S. Port Trucking Association (HTA) stated that in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach alone, 10,000 to 15,000 containers were stranded at the terminals, causing cargo transportation in these two major ports to "nearly paralyze."; West Coast ports and Chicago are also at a loss for the large number of empty containers brought by the surge in imports.

Faced with the congested port and stranded containers, the consignees desperately sent the containers onto the plane.

Container on Board

Containers rarely appear on cargo planes in the history of cross-border logistics. A few days ago, due to continuous delays in shipping schedules, the pictures of two containers that have been declared and transferred to the airport for air transport caused an uproar in the industry.

This is another rare event in 2020, showing that the world is going through a difficult time in the cross-border supply chain.

The air freight market will have explosive growth

At present, there are many charter flights in the direction to Moscow in the Chinese market. There are positions available. The price of scheduled flights is high. The positions in Almaty to Beijing are tight and need to be queued. There is a weekly flight from Shanghai to Tashkent, and the positions are normal. For from London to Europe Fran/Eminem/Liege, there are many options. The direct flight from North America to Vancouver/New York/Los Angeles/San Francisco/Chicago is normal, and the time efficiency of domestic transfer trucks is unstable.

Singapore's air freight market is busy and orderly

Yesterday, we visited Eric, who has been working in Singapore Airport Free Trade Zone for 17 years. He said: "At present, the transportation capacity to the Chinese market is stable, and the freight is ~1 SGD, ~10 SGD to Europe and the United States, and more than 20 SGD to South America. The transportation capacity to the CIS region such as Turkey is insufficient."

Based on the stability of China to Singapore, we made a suggestion: Some freight routes can be designed to transit in the free trade zone between China and Singapore. For example, to CIS regions such as Turkmenistan, Russia, and Uzbekistan, they can transit in Beijing and Urumqi. And Chinese goods can be flown to Singapore and then transferred to Europe and South America.

In Europe and America, UPS and FedEx announced the suspension or postponement of delivery

It coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday, the next end delivery will also be suspended or postponed, UPS and FedEX have issued notices

It is predicted that in the next few weeks, large-scale delays and congestion will not improve significantly.

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