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Students from UANSER& One Shipping Mini-MBA cross-border Logistics class visited Neptune Logistics

On the afternoon of November 10th, a group of students from UANSER& One Shipping Mini-MBA Cross-border Logistics President class visited Neptune Logistics for visit and guidance, and jointly launched an exchange and sharing activity themed "Cross-border logistics Business".

Zhu Luzhi, executive Director and General Manager of Neptune Logistics Group, and Zhong Yongjun, deputy General manager and CHIEF Operating officer of Neptune Logistics Group, were very pleased to see the students of the Cross-border Logistics President Class and led them to visit Neptune's cultural exhibition area and office area. During the warm hospitality and introduction, they experienced the characteristics of Neptune's corporate culture.

The visiting party then went to the conference room to take their seats. At the beginning of the exchange and sharing meeting, Deputy General Manager and CHIEF operating Officer of Neptune Logistics Group Zhong Yongjun first introduced Neptune's development history, business structure, competitive advantages and core services, which was highly praised and unanimously recognized by students from the President class of Cross-border Logistics.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhong shared the two themes of industry environment and development strategy. He said that in recent years, due to the increasing influence of cross-border export trade countries, the scale of cross-border export e-commerce logistics industry is expected to reach 3.63 trillion yuan by 2025, and the growth rate will be 31.17% from 2013 to 2025. As a contemporary logistics enterprise, it must enrich service products and enhance core capabilities to better adapt to the market and development needs.

In addition, he also focused on the development trend of China-Europe freight trains and shared practical experience on cross-border logistics solutions with "omni-channel · New ecology" as the entry point.

The exchange and sharing activity ended in the wonderful interactive q&A. Both sides are looking forward to more opportunities and ways to learn and grow from each other in the future, so as to share practical experience in their respective industries, jointly promote the development of China's cross-border logistics industry to a new level, and make new contributions to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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