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Shipping from USA to Singapore

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Neptune Global Logistics is an international freight forwarder. We have 19 years of professional overseas forwarding services experience. This article will help you solve the transportation methods and precautions for transportation from USA to Singapore.

As an international shipping expert, we have business all over the world. Our professional logistics salesman will explain the process steps of shipping from USA to Singapore in detail, please contact us.

Singapore is a capitalist developed country located in southeast Asia. Simultaneously, with its geological benefits, Singapore has become one of Asia's important financial, service and international shipping centers.

Singapore likewise is a significant travel port on the planet and a flight community associating Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

If you need to transport cargo from Singapore to the United States, Neptune global logistics provides fast and reliable services to help you deliver the goods to the place where you need them on time.

Appreciate cross country conveyance inclusion in the U.S. across our scope of Express administrations. Regardless of whether it's rapid delivery you need or top notch esteem, we have the adaptability to match your demands.

The available shipping methods are sea and air, depending on what kind of cargo you are transporting and the degree of urgency.

Shipping Method

There are many types of transportation to ship from Singapore to the USA, such as air transportation, express delivery, sea transportation, bulk carrier leading sea transportation, etc. Each shipping option into different transportation methods. The types of transportation are detailed below and the corresponding transportation methods are selected according to the cargo situation.

Air Freight

Air freight from John F. Kennedy airport to Singapore airport, door-to-door air freight, general cargo or parcel demand is more urgent, cargo over 100 kg is more cost-effective and time-efficient to choose air freight, it is more worry-free and cost-effective for customers with Singapore transportation needs to choose door-to-door air freight Operation method.

In addition to JFK Airport, we will choose the nearest and most cost-effective departure airport according to your destination.

Air waybills need to be submitted for air transportation. Please consult our professional logistics experts to fill in the specific product information. At the time of import declaration, in addition to submitting a completed import declaration form, a TDB stamp duty of 2 Singapore dollars must be paid. Samples of new products are required. The validity period of the import license is 2 months.

Departure Airport

ORD/Chicago, ATL/Atlanta, IAH/Houston, PHL/Philadelphia, MCO/Orlando, PHX/Phoenix, EWR/Newark, SEA/Seattle, MIA/Miami, BOS/Boston, LAX/Los Angeles, DEN/Denver, HOU/Houston, JFK/New York, IAD/Washington, DFW/Fort Worth, TPA/Tampa

Shipping Rates from USA to Singapore:

Neptune Global Logistics will provide you with the most professional services based on various factors such as the nature and weight of your goods and the origin and destination.

Please click on the website link to get the latest air freight quotation for shipping from USA to Singapore.

Sea Freight

The laws in the United States are relatively complete, so when exporting American goods, you need to pay attention to whether your cargo meet their standards.

There are a lot of shipping companies for exporting to the United States. All regular freight forwarders engaged in the transportation of the United States must have a freight company registered in the United States (EK) and have the official renewal code of W0c, otherwise, if they have exported to the United States Any problems in the process cannot be protected by the corresponding laws. The first-level freight forwarder is not necessarily a registered member of FMC, so it must be confirmed in advance.

Singapore port

Singapore Port code SGSGP

The Port of Singapore is the largest re-export port in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the largest container ports in the world. The port's strategic position is very important for the main shipping route between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It has been an international trade port since the 13th century, and has now developed into an internationally renowned re-export port. The Port of Singapore is the national political, economic, cultural and transportation center.

Delivery time for shipping from USA to Singapore

Express may take 1-3 business days but this is the most expensive method and is not suitable for larger shipments( bulky item). Air transportation takes approximately 6-8 business days. sea freight takes 30-Day Limit, but if you can wait, this is the most affordable shipping.

Singapore Customs

Import tariff

Singapore is a free port at the intersection of major Asian shipping routes. It implements an open import policy, and about 95% of cargo can enter Singapore freely. Exceptional tax rate approaches are executed for liquor, tobacco (counting cigarettes), sugar items, and coolers.

The tariff rate is generally low. Singapore has adopted a simplified trade classification method, replacing the 5700 items used in the past with 2,600 items.

Singapore has no customs additional charges, only have base charge, but a 3% import tax on goods and services is levied based on the tax value (for example, the sum of production costs, insurance premiums, freight, and customs duties). The customs authorities use the Brussels Definition of Value (BDV) to value imported goods. Except for automobile fuel, the price of imported goods should be the normal price, that is, the selling price of goods traded on the open market by independent buyers and sellers when taxes are reserved.

Taxes generally include FOB prices, freight, insurance, marketing fees (the rate is 1%), commissions, and various additional charges incurred during the sales and delivery process. The ad valorem rate is applicable to determine such a price.

If the purchaser and the supplier have a special relationship, the customs will increase the invoice price to the price determined by the Brussels Pricing Principles. Special tariffs imposed on alcohol, tobacco (including cigarettes), bird eggs, and refrigerators are determined by weight, volume, and measurement units. If the tariff rate can be expressed as a special tax or an ad valorem tax (such as vehicle fuel), the tariff paid shall be the higher of the two.

Import documents

The complete set of import documents is as follows: In this form, the commercial invoice must be signed with the name of the person in charge of the importer, and fill in the name of the goods, quantity, unit price, country of origin, invoice number, and name of the ship used to transport the goods. In addition to the names of the carrier, shipper, and means of transport, the bill of lading should also include the port of destination and the number of the bill of lading.

If it is air transportation, the air waybill (Airway Bill) is used instead of the bill of lading, and its requirements are consistent with the requirements for filling in the bill of lading. At the time of import declaration, in addition to submitting a completed import declaration form, a TDB stamp duty of 2 Singapore dollars must also be paid. Samples of new products are required. The validity period of the import license is 2 months.

Import Control

Singapore Customs stipulates that wild plant and animal products involved in The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wied Fauna and Flora must be approved by The Primary Production Department before being imported.

For the import of edible and non-edible animal oils, the original quarantine certificate of the exporting country and the certification of animal production and meat storage procedures issued by the relevant authority of the government of origin must be provided. Singapore Customs has the right to inspect such imported products and deal with substandard products without compensating the importer or owner of the product.

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