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Multimodal Railway Containers

After reading our previous article on multimodal transportation, do you want to learn more about some of the important aspects behind the operation of multimodal transportation? Today's article will introduce the selection of multimodal containers.

The development of international multimodal transport relies on container-based transport, cargo containerization is also a trend today, so the container is able to help improve the efficiency and quality of the transport process.

Multimodal train containers: should you buy or rent containers?

Multimodal containers are used by multimodal transport to store products, and transfer between motor freight, rail or water transport. These containers generally fall into two categories: Firstly, the owner of the goods/company purchases them themselves. Secondly, they are rented containers.

Benefits of purchasing containers

Avoid demurrage

If you are shipping long distances or your destination is a remote area, then purchasing a container is a good long-term investment for you, which can help you avoid the costs associated with demurrage.

Extra storage space

If there is a requirement for cargo storage space, then containers are able to serve as a great extra "warehouse". It is also very easy to transfer, so you can always transport the stored goods to different places. Because multimodal containers need to be transported on different railroads, roads, etc., the requirements for materials are also very strict. When it comes to storage, high-quality containers protect your goods from theft, harsh weather conditions and handling.

Long-term investment option

Buying a container is more expensive, a 20ft SOC (self-contained container) can cost $1,500-$2,200, while a 40-foot SOC can cost $1,800-$3,200. If your cargo is frequently shipped and maintained for a long period of time, then choosing to purchase a container is a good long-term investment that will gradually cover the previous cost in savings down the road.

Benefits of leasing

High flexibility

The lease term is very flexible, you can choose short-term or long-term with additional benefits. When the volume of each shipment is volatile, the leasing company is able to provide a variety of container options. The variable size will increase flexibility and reduce input costs compared to purchasing boxes.

Choice when you are Short of Money

When you are short of funds but need to turn your business around, buying a container makes your capital more dangerous. In order to avoid huge capital investment, short-term low-cost rental containers can quickly cover the cost and the capital chain is much less affected than buying boxes.

Reasonable Allocation of Funds

The monthly payment is less than the total payment and can be very reasonable as part of the operating budget to ensure adequate liquidity.

Neptune Logistics - The Best Choice for Shipping Containers

For 21 years, Neptune Logistics has operated many intermodal equipment projects with a professional team and rich experience. We also provide multiple choices of container leasing services. Neptune has a global fleet of intermodal equipment, we will provide you with and develop the most perfect solution according to your cargo and requirements. If you want to know more about shipping containers, Feel free to contact us!

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