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Main Categories of Air Waybill Knowledge

(1) Agency Forecast

Before shipping abroad, foreign agent companies send the air waybill, flight information, quantity, weight, product names, actual consignees, and other address and contact information to the destination agent company.

(2) Handover and Cargo

When air cargo enters the country, the relevant documents arrive randomly with the cargo, and both the means of transportation and the cargo are under customs supervision. After unloading the cargo, it is handed over to the custody of the airline or the airport's supervised warehouse. Import cargo manifest information is entered, and the total waybill number, consignee, departure station, destination station, quantity, weight, product name, flight number, and other information are transmitted to customs via a computer for customs clearance. At the same time, delivery orders and pickup notifications are sent based on the consignee's address on the waybill.

During handover, the following checks are performed: document-to-document verification, which involves cross-checking the handover list with the total waybill, and document-to-cargo verification, which involves cross-checking the handover list with the cargo.

(3) Cargo Handling and Storage

Cargo Handling: Each item is checked one by one, and the condition of the cargo is inspected again to identify any issues that were not discovered when receiving the cargo. If there are any problems, negotiations can be initiated with the civil aviation authorities. Cargo is stored separately based on characteristics such as bulk, small, heavy, light, single-item, mixed, dangerous goods, valuable goods, frozen goods, and refrigerated goods. The storage area number for each item is recorded and entered into the computer.

Storage: Attention is paid to prevent rain and moisture, prevent heavy pressure, prevent deformation, prevent temperature-induced deterioration, prevent exposure to sunlight, and there is a dedicated warehouse for dangerous goods.

(4) Document Processing and Arrival Notification

Document Processing: Consolidation of shipments under one total waybill, splitting into individual bills, classifying and numbering them, and preparing various types of documents.

Arrival Notification: Notify the cargo owner of the arrival status as early, quickly, and efficiently as possible.

Processing of the original waybill: Five copies of the customs-regulated import cargo manifest list are printed by the computer, one each for inspection, health inspection, and animal inspection, and two copies for customs.

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