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International road transport

International multimodal transport includes sea, air, rail, and road transport.

Neptune Logistics is a senior international transportation and logistics enterprise with a large-scale transportation qualification.

International road transportation refers to the means of transport used by international cargo, or the movement of roads across two or more countries or regions, which plays an important role.

Generally, there are two modes of international road transportation. Speaking of highway mode, one is Truckload, (TL); the other is Less-than-truckload, ( LTL ).


If the supplier has a batch of goods with a volume and weight (35,000-45,000 pounds) close to the entire truck to be delivered to a customer, the best way is to use the whole truck and directly ship it from the supplier to the customer.

The advantage of this method is that once the cargo is loaded at the supplier's starting point, it can reach the customer's destination without unloading in the middle, which reduces the possibility of damage or loss of the cargo.

The premise of truckload is that the freight volume must be large enough, and the freight volume should be stable.

Under normal circumstances, Neptune Global Logistics will decide which transportation method to use for shipping according to the customer's needs and the law of change over time.


When the supplier has only a small amount of cargo to be shipped to the customer, then consider using LTL transportation. The specific transportation process is as follows:

Neptune Global Logistics sends a truck to supplier A to pick up the cargo and ship the goods to our local terminal. This process is called Local Pickup. During this pickup process, the truck will also go to other distribution centers near supplier A to pick up the cargo to improve the efficiency of the truck on the way.

After cargo A is sorted at the local transit center, it is integrated with cargo B and C to go to the next destination.

After arriving at the second transshipment center, assuming that the customer of cargo B is in the nearby area, cargo B is sorted out and shipped to customer B; cargo A is sorted out again, and the same goes to the next destination. Cargo D and E are integrated, and a whole truck is made up and transported to the third transfer center.

After arriving at the third transfer center, cargo A is sorted out and loaded onto local trucks for Local Delivery.

Features of International Road Transport

1. Time difference benefit;

2. Long-distance benefits;

3. Transportation quality and efficiency, road transportation has fewer loading and unloading links, cargo damage is small, and the loss ratio is also small;

4. Limitations of road transportation: small load capacity, not suitable for loading heavy and large cargo, not suitable for long-distance transportation, and the freight rate is usually higher than that of waterways and railways.

Significance of international road transport

1. The characteristics of road transportation determine that it is most suitable for short-distance transportation. It can connect two or more modes of transportation, realize the combined transportation of multiple modes of transportation, and achieve the "door-to-door" service of import and export cargo transportation.

2. Road transportation can cooperate with ships, trains, airplanes, and other means of transportation to complete the entire transportation process, and is an important means of collecting and distributing goods at ports, stations, and airports. In particular, fresh and live commodities and rush transportation in ports can often play a role that other modes of transportation are difficult to achieve. It can be said that other transportation methods often rely on automobile transportation to finally complete the transportation tasks at both ends.

3. Road transportation is also an independent transportation system, which can independently complete the entire process of import and export cargo transportation. Road transportation is one of the most important ways of transporting import and export goods between continental European countries. my country's border trade transportation, Hong Kong and Macao cargo transportation, a considerable part of which is also independently completed by road transportation.

4. The containerized goods are transported by road to realize international multimodal transportation. The container is transported by road from the delivery point to the port for the loading, or vice versa. Landbridge transportation in the United States and multimodal transportation from the mainland of my country through Hong Kong can all be realized by road transportation.

International Road Transport Service

Neptune Logistics is a senior international transportation and logistics enterprise with a large-scale transportation qualification for large-scale objects. It can undertake international transportation services in Central Asia, Mongolia, and other countries and regions.

Over the years, it has served large-scale state-owned enterprises and multinational corporations in the logistics of large-scale engineering projects. The business involves transportation in Central Asia, West Asia, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, water conservancy and hydropower projects, electric power engineering, and large machinery.

Advantages of the road transport of Neptune Logistics

1. Perfect international road transport coverage network

After years of development and accumulation, it has long-term and stable cooperative relations with many major automobile ports and can be delivered from any origin in China to any place of delivery abroad.

2. Cargo security

Strict quality control. Because of the condition of the car and the quality of the driver, the requirements of “two reports per day, the problem must be reported” are strictly implemented; all the loading and unloading links will be arranged on-site; the real-time updating technology will be successfully introduced to ensure the safety of goods from all aspects.

3. can provide fast-track resources for no-queue in the peak season of international road transport

When the highway port is in the peak season, the congestion is very serious. Most vehicles need to line up for 6-10 days at the national gate to leave the country. The port has a green channel specially designed for the designated name (such as fruits and vegetables), without long queues. Neptune Logistics and the port department have long-term cooperative relations. During the critical period, the general goods can be quickly exited through the green channel to ensure the timely delivery of goods.

4. capacity guarantee

Branches outside the Neptune and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have long signed several road transport fleets, both import and export international motor transport can guarantee adequate transportation.

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