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Huang Jiajie, Director general of Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Visited Shenzhen Neptune

Located at the intersection of The Yangtze River and the mouth of Poyang Lake, Jiujiang city of Jiangxi Province is an important gateway for all cities of Poyang Lake river system to reach the sea and go to the world. It is also the only way to pass the "national road" of China's north-south land route in history. Jiujiang is an important trading port of Jiangxi province with famous mountains and famous cities and rivers and lakes.

Recently, Huang Jiajie, deputy secretary general of Jiujiang Municipal Government and Director general of Jiujiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Liu Feng, Assistant general Manager of Jiujiang Transportation and Shipping Development Group Co., LTD., Guo Feng, Chairman of Jiujiang Transportation and Shipping Transaction Information Technology Co., LTD., and other representatives visited our company and had in-depth exchanges on the development planning of Jiujiang China-Europe freight train.

The two sides held a discussion meeting. Ms. Zhu Luzhi, Chairman and General Manager of Dayang Logistics Group, and Mr. Zhong Yongjun, Deputy General Manager and CHIEF Operating officer of Dayang Logistics Group warmly welcomed the jiujiang delegation, and introduced the overall layout, future planning, product research and development of Dayang as well as the practical results of train operation. After discussion between the two sides, jiujiang's future logistics planning is very consistent with the future development plan of Dayang. Our company expresses its hope to invest and set up subsidiary companies in Jiujiang to carry out business in central Asia and Europe freight train, bonded warehousing and other aspects.

At the same time, deputy secretary-general of jiujiang city government and city business bureau Huang Jiajie line visited ocean logistics group of cultural exhibition hall, after understand the ocean group profile and products, and on the depth of ocean product service said for approval, and hopes the two sides can have more cooperation in the construction of the central European trains communication, display the jiujiang location advantage, We will accelerate the integration of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and enhance the competitiveness of jiangxi's foreign trade enterprises. Relying on the national "Belt and Road" development plan, jointly build jiujiang international logistics channel, promote the China-Europe freight train service along the economic belt, benefit the people.

In the future, Dayang Logistics Group will also focus on the construction of China-Europe freight trains, pay attention to optimizing product quality and improving product services, build a digital, green and stable international logistics channel, and contribute to the construction of "The Belt and Road".

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