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Good role models of logistics and freight forwarding companies in current situation: DSV and Neptune

Updated: Mar 31, 2021


DSV acquires 2 companies within 50 days

On December 3, DSV Panalpina acquired South African express operator GlobeflightWorldwide Express.

This marks DSV's second acquisition within 50 days. Earlier in late October, DSV Panalpina announced the acquisition of Prime Cargo, headquartered in Denmark.

With the latest acquisition, DSV Panalpina plans to strengthen its business in small parcel services. The acquisition includes Globeflight's operations in Swaziland and South Africa, where the company is located.

It is reported that Globeflight has more than 8,000 customers and 420 transportation vehicles, and handles more than 330,000 deliveries every month.

"This transaction will strengthen DSV's business in express and small parcels. It will leverage DSV's investment in infrastructure and systems. Therefore, we are very looking forward to welcoming Globeflight to DSV Panalpina," said Kieth Pienaar, CEO of the company .

In addition, the company also stated that Globeflight ships everything from medical equipment to educational materials and IT equipment. The transaction is subject to the approval of relevant regulatory agencies and is expected to be completed within the next three months.


DSV rents ships and containers to protect freight

According to, in addition to the layout of the logistics sector in the near future, DSV Panalpina has begun to engage in businesses such as leasing ships and leasing containers.

According to the report, DSV Panalpina has leased three ships and leased boxes to ensure that its customers' goods are shipped from China to Europe in the overheated container market.

In fact, in recent months, due to the extreme conditions of the container market, the Danish transportation and logistics group DSV Panalpina has chosen unconventional methods, avoiding shipping companies, and renting vessels and leasing containers to protect its customers’ cargo from China to Denmark.

Maiken Riise Andersen, head of corporate communications at DSV Panalpina, said in a comment to the Danish media ShippingWatch: “It must be emphasized that this is not a service, but three separate charter ships from China to Denmark (each ship Only sail once)."

It is understood that DSV Panalpina leased three multi-purpose vessels, each with a capacity of 650RTEU. In addition, the freight forwarder pointed out, "Due to the extreme lack of market capacity, this is an extraordinary move. This is the result of our freight forwarders tirelessly looking for solutions that can help our customers and solve the current situation. "

At the same time, the person in charge of the company denied that DSV Panalpina is getting involved in the container production line business because this is a unique and severe situation.


Neptune Logistics customized new containers

In addition to DSV chartering and renting containers to solve the freight problem, Neptune Logistics is also helping freight, and wants to solve the problem of lack of containers.

It has been several months, and there is a shortage of containers in the freight market. Anxious logistics people get angry every day.

You know, when the market is generally short of containers, the last straw that drives logistics people crazy may be a container; the test of whether two logistics people can be good brothers and sisters may be a container; make logistics people worried about and staying up all night until his head is bald may be a container.

For a container, we have contributed and paid too much.

As a logistics company, Neptune also has a lot of worries about the containers. The container management department is urged by the sales colleagues to find a way to find available containers.

Fortunately, there is no need to worry about this problem now!

Because, Neptune's new containers will be put into use soon. In recent years, Neptune has been investing in containers one after another. In 2020 alone, this is the second time Neptune has invested a lot of money in manufacturing containers.

Different from previous investments, the number of containers invested this time is very large and will be put into the market in batches. It is said that this is the first batch, 1,000 TEUs, and the size is 40-foot containers, while the second batch of containers is being manufactured.

Neptune has a complete container IT management system. Container leasing and trading are strictly managed by the container management department to ensure the safe and efficient operation of containers, thereby increasing the turnover rate of containers.

At present, these containers have been manufactured and will be put into use soon.


I want to say

The end of 2020 is coming. This is a very difficult year for the world. As logistics people we have encountered shipping companies increasing their price. The shipping from Singapore to China has gone from ~US$500 in the past to US$4000 today, containers are extremely lacking and transportation capacity is insufficient, congestion and so on. . .

At the same time, shipping companies are making a lot of money, with an estimated annual profit of 14 billion U.S. dollars. In these difficult times, all enterprises or individuals in the supply chain should be considerate of each other and open the way for customers' goods.

During the epidemic, we are all experiencing the same thing, all together as one. We hope that shipping companies will release their capacity as soon as possible and return empty containers, and return the entire logistics chain to its original balance.

I believe we will get better and better in 2021! Hope everything can return to normal soon.

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