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Cross boarder trucking from Chenzhou to Belgium, only 13 days needed!!

On October 14, 2021, a total of 867 pieces of e-commerce goods such as home furnishings, office supplies, Christmas accessories, luggage and clothing, weighing 15 tons, and valued at about 300,000 US dollars, were launched for the first shipment of China-Europe Trucking (cross-border e-commerce) Cargo departed from Shenzhen/Guangzhou was collected and distributed at the Chenzhou International Inland Port, and was declared for export through the Chenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The truck was transported to the Baktu port in Tacheng, Xinjiang, and then sent to Russia and finally Europe and Belgium.

The whole journey is 13,500KM, and it is expected to arrive at the Xinjiang Bhaktu port in 96 hours, and it will arrive in Liege, Belgium in about 13-15 days. The opening this time marks the beginning of normalization. It is expected that the operation will be stable 2-3 shifts a week, and the final goal will be once a day.

The Sino-European caban transportation was carried out by the Chenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce (Port Office of the Municipal Government), Beihu District Government, Chenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Administration, Xiangnan International Logistics Park, Chenzhou Baifu Logistics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co., Ltd., Blueline E-commerce Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Horgos Ouya Kahang Logistics Co., Ltd. jointly launched the launch.

With the deepening of economic globalization and the development of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce has shown rapid growth relative to the traditional foreign trade business that tends to converge in the short span of a few years after its rise. Hunan Province is actively exploring cross-border e-commerce development models, and the overall development situation is relatively good.

Since the beginning of this year, Chenzhou City has strived to open up major international logistics channels and promote the construction of Chenzhou International Inland Port. Following the opening of the China-Europe Express Train (Chenzhou), the China-Europe Caban has opened up another route for Chenzhou local and even provincial enterprises to expand into the international market. The fast international channel has far-reaching strategic significance.

This year, following Neptune's cooperation with the Chenzhou government in the railway sector, with the support of the newly added Eurasian Airlines and Blueline e-commerce, a new cross-border logistics and transportation channel was launched once again to help the Chenzhou Free Trade Zone in Hunan to open European electricity. Cargo cargo transportation in class. I believe that in the future, through the concerted efforts of Neptune and the Chenzhou government, more valuable products can be created for Chenzhou cross-border logistics!

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