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ASEAN Logistics: "Changsha-Hanoi" ASEAN International Freight Train First Launched.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

On the morning of March 31, 2021, an international freight train carrying 82 standard containers departed from Changsha International Railway Port and will arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam in seven days.

The Changsha-Hanoi-ASEAN international train is a new southward route added by Changsha on the basis of the stable operation of European routes and Central Asian routes. After the opening of the train, the goods will be declared in the customs supervision area of ​​Changsha North Railway Station. After loading, they will go directly to ASEAN countries. The transportation time of goods from Hunan to ASEAN will be shortened by three days compared with the past.

It is reported that after three months of trial operation, the Changsha-Hanoi ASEAN international freight train will gradually realise the normal operation of one shift per week.

China-Europe train

The China-Europe Express has become a "passage of life" and a "link of destiny" for countries to join hands in fighting the epidemic. Faced with the impact of the epidemic, with international logistics sea and air transport blocked to varying degrees, my country has given full play to the unique advantages of China-Europe Express to help the world fight the epidemic together, stabilise the international supply chain, and help some European countries effectively respond to the epidemic and recover in an orderly manner. Provide assistance in normal production and living order. Since the outbreak of the epidemic to November 2020, China-Europe Express has shipped 7.51 million anti-epidemic materials and 62,000 tons to Europe, providing strong support for maintaining the security and stability of the international industrial chain supply chain. From Yiwu to Madrid, from Jinan to Budapest, from Wuhan to Duisburg... Amidst the raging epidemic and economic headwinds, the China-Europe Express has provoked the “beams” and actively contributed to “Chinese power”, demonstrating China’s image as a major country and Responsibility.

   The China-Europe Express train builds a "cultural road" between countries along the route. The "steel camel team" brought not only business exchanges, but also transported a large number of cultural artworks in addition to electronic products, household appliances and other goods. In recent years, 2000 pieces of cultural products such as mahogany furniture, incense burners, paintings and calligraphy from our country have arrived in Hamburg, Germany; more than 800 pieces of "Chime Bell Music and Dance" performed abroad by the Chime National Orchestra of Hubei Opera and Dance Theater have arrived in Berlin, Germany; Container cargo trains with Jingdezhen ceramics, tea and other products are heading to Moscow, Russia... "Going out" and "Please come in" at the same time. The China-Europe Railway Express once "carried" the 12th China-France Culture and Art Festival in 2017 The sets and props of the key drama projects "Skewer" and "2666" transported the "European Opera" to China, building a platform and bridge for Sino-European cultural exchanges.

Author's Words

   In the past, the long camel bell was replaced by a loud bagpipe sound. The "Steel Camel Team" played an active role in promoting economic and trade exchanges between countries along the route, serving international cooperation in epidemic prevention, and strengthening cultural exchanges among countries along the "Belt and Road" such as China, Europe and ASEAN. I believe that in the future, the quality of our "steel camel team" on the ASEAN mainland will also get better and better, and make greater contributions to the promotion of the "Belt and Road" logistics.

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