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In a different Chenzhou, truly feel the development prospect of Neptune

Since its establishment, Neptune Logistics Group has attached great importance to the market in Hunan Province. In the spirit of "integrating resources, improving logistics efficiency and reducing logistics costs", Neptune and Chenzhou have successfully carried out several rounds of cooperation planning. On the morning of 19th, Xiaobian sat on the local materials of the high-speed railway from Shenzhen to Chenzhou, Hunan. After meeting with Neptune's friends, we went to Chenzhou railway port to get the local materials.

To the container stacking scene, a look at Neptune's logo is particularly conspicuous, thinking that the author himself belongs to one of them, could not help some proud.

Containers are loaded with various products from East China, South China and Central China as well as express goods from cross-border e-commerce companies. When the containers are fully loaded, the goods will be sent to Marashevich in Europe upon departure.

The rapid development of the local railway transportation industry has brought many local farmers and workers to work in the transportation industry. All success is due to the hard work of these workers, and Neptune is here to thank them.

Perhaps the reason why the sun was particularly dazzling at that time was that the smiles on the faces of these workers were also particularly brilliant.

Chenzhou has the regional advantages of specialized cross-border e-commerce of China Development Bank and the most developed source of goods for China-Europe freight trains. It is the only way for trains to go north and an important node city of One Belt And One Road. According to the company's staff, Neptune will be in more containers in Chenzhou in the future, and its links with Chenzhou will become even closer.

Neptune is in Chenzhou and a long-term cooperation and development, from Chenzhou through central trains transport goods, than to go by sea to Europe may save more than 20 days, leaning on the Neptune mature experience in railway transportation, cooperation of the two, more secure, efficient, fast, just to bring customers more high-quality logistics services.

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