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Neptune Global Logistics

Vision, Mission and Strategy

"There is no difficult business in ASEAN."

Safe and efficient multimodal transport

To reduce logistics costs, improve overall efficiency and efficiency, and solve the long-standing problems of high cost and low efficiency in the logistics field, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, we must vigorously develop multimodal transport, establish a coordination linkage mechanism, and use information technology. Promote the deep integration of transportation modes such as railways, highways, waterways, and civil aviation.
Neptune Logistics is an international multimodal transport expert and has been on the road to exploring multimodal transport for 21 years. By integrating domestic and overseas logistics and transportation services, port services, agency services, and other cross-border integrated logistics resources, we provide customers with transportation and transit to transport goods from the takeover location within one country to another country or to a designated delivery location in a third country. Multi-ring one-stop service such as port operation. At the same time, we are committed to the standardization of multimodal transport and explore more possibilities for multimodal transport.

Link Asia-Russia-Europe

The great initiatives of the “ the Belt and Road” are in the ascendant. The CR Express is in full swing. The friendship and cooperation between China and Europe, Russia and Central Asia are deepening, and logistics is an important link between producers and consumers, linking Asia-Russia-Europe.
With the proposal of President Xi to enter the "new era comprehensive strategic partnership" between China and Russia, the trade will surely double in the future. No one in China knows Central Asia, China, and Russia better than us. As a multi-modal transport expert based on China's links to Asia-Russia-Europe, under the mission of the times, Neptune Logistics will make persistent efforts to achieve logistics first and let the “Belt and Road” There is no hard business to do. Keeping up with President Xi Jinping's pace, we will persist in innovation, strives to land, and is a firm practitioner of the Belt and Road multimodal transport.

Innovation and upgrade

In order to achieve structural and technical “reduction of costs and efficiency”, logistics enterprises must provide a complete supply chain solution through information technology, integration capabilities, and other resources through new technologies such as the Internet, and accelerate logistics with big data and information technology. Innovation and upgrade. To this end, Neptune Logistics has always strengthened communication with the government, actively cooperated with the government's guidance and support.
Step by step to tap market demand, expand market share, and actively expand foreign markets.
In the existing logistics system, resources are coordinated in advance according to big data, and the service efficiency of users is improved, and the innovation management of the logistics industry is realized through new ways of information integration and creation. Based on big data systems, promote technological innovation, and achieve self-improvement.

Green supply chain management

In all aspects of the supply chain, waste is generated from the acquisition of raw materials to the manufacture, transportation, and use of products, causing serious pollution to the environment and threatening human health and ecological balance. Green supply chain management, adhering to sustainable development, and reducing emissions are one of the important missions of Neptune Logistics.

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