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ZTE Corporation Partner

2019-07-26 14:23:39

Goods: communication base station, mobile phone, router, server, etc.
Mode of transport: sea, air, road, rail transport
Cooperation time: May 1st, 2008

“Neptune Logistics has been the main carrier of the region since it became the carrier of the CIS region in 2008. The colleagues of Neptune’s work enthusiasm and professional knowledge are very fast, and they respond quickly to the sudden problems in the freight. The processing power is strong. Over the years, we have been helping us to optimize the transportation routes and solutions of the CIS area, effectively improving the delivery efficiency of our supply chain and reducing the delivery cost. Dayang Logistics is our trusted partner. "
---Zhongxing Supply Chain Freight Manager

Since 2008, Neptune has become an overseas logistics carrier of ZTE. With its excellent strength and excellent service network, it has provided strong support for the product delivery of ZTE's CIS area, and has been repeatedly supported by ZTE's cargo department manager. Highly praised, it ranks first in the long-term KPI assessment of suppliers in the district.

Neptune provides ZTE with a full range of logistics solutions. In 2010, ZTE won the network upgrade project in Tajikistan (2G Sheng 3G project). At the time, the transportation route from China Railway to Central Asia was relatively congested, and the shipping cycle was long. Faced with the tight delivery cycle and the fragmentation of the delivery area, the traditional railway transportation channel is congested.

The colleagues of Neptune Logistics and ZTE Logistics Department have designed a reasonable route through several meetings and meetings. For European direct-to-Tajik goods, direct truck transportation is used to reduce the railway replacement cycle in Europe and Central Asia. For China's direct-sending goods, despite the suspension of railway stations, the long-term good relationship established by the ocean and railway departments can ensure the timely delivery of goods during the period of suspension, from Lianyungang to Dushanbe's special line, in advance Arrived, received the praise of the ZTE logistics system, especially sent a letter of commendation to the Neptune team.

In addition to the deep relationship, the Neptune also used the method of automobile and rail transportation to transport the cargo to the Dosdek in Kazakhstan and then changed it to the train of Kazakhstan, effectively avoiding the domestic railway section of China. Congestion situation.
In the Mongolian market, Neptune and the ZTE logistics department have cooperated with each other. It has become impossible to become a possible fact many times. The Neptune provides a variety of flexible intermodal services, including customs clearance, on-site distribution, and even distribution to project sites. Received a high praise from the ZTE project team and sent a letter of commendation several times.
The team of Neptune Logistics spares no effort to provide quality services for ZTE , ensuring the successful operation of all aspects of logistics and transportation, and providing safe, timely and reliable logistics support for ZTE.

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