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ZTE: Shenzhen-Nursurtan cargo charter service

2019-07-26 10:58:23

Transport route: Shenzhen Nursurtan (Kazakhstan)
Date: August 10, 2014
Goods: Electronics Industry Solutions: Technology Industry

Project operation
On August 10, 2014, Neptune Logistics provided ZTE with an international cargo charter (Boeing 747-200) from Shenzhen to Nursurtan, Kazakhstan, and arrived at Astana International Airport on time.

At this point, Neptune Logistics completed the transportation design in a short period of five days, the airline charter, the domestic and foreign temporary routes, the application for navigation rights, and other seemingly impossible tasks to improve the demand charter from ZTE. At the beginning of the demand, the Neptune's air transport team quickly completed the entire program route design. After the bidding, the Neptune's route and excellent program design stood out in the competition and was recognized by ZTE.

The problem slyly to be solve
Since there was no direct flight to Kazakhstan in Shenzhen, according to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration and the airline, it is generally necessary to submit a written application for the route and navigation rights 15 days in advance.

Due to the urgent needs of customers, the application for the right to fly on the new route needs to be completed in as little as 5 days. Neptune's air transport team has done a detailed coordination work, the cargo charter operation is difficult, and time is tight, in addition to the two days off, only 3 days is available for communication and coordination.

With its rich experience in operating air charter flights, Neptune Logistics immediately contacted the aviation ground service company, Shenzhen Baoan Airport Command Center, Baoan Airport Customs and other units to communicate and coordinate charter operations. At the same time, the information obtained from the customer is quickly transmitted to the relevant departments, which lays a solid foundation for the successful completion of the cargo charter.

Customer reviews ZTE has been an important partner of Neptune Logistics, through this air charter transport service, Neptune Logistics in the field of cargo charter services, quality services have once again been ZTE delivery team - praise.

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