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Xi’an Electric Transformer Transportation

2019-07-26 10:38:51

Carrier mode: land transport
Shipping route: Shanghai - Novorossiysk Krugo 洺ye Polje
Transportation time: 2014
Transformer model: 110/35k, etc.
Mode of transport: bulk carrier transport + truck transport

Project Overview
This cargo is transported by a hydraulic axis vehicle 7-axle car from Shanghai to New York-West by Kyrgyzstan. The difficulty in transporting this batch of goods is that the goods are super long and overweight. Under the command of our professional and technical leaders, there is no defect.

Loading and unloading reinforcement
Many project owners divide large equipment into assemblies of different sizes. One is easy to transport, and it also saves costs. Therefore, the interface of the mechanical equipment is most afraid of bumping during transportation. If it is not properly reinforced, it will become worn after being transported to the destination. The Neptune team has extensive project logistics management experience and professional loading and unloading team, reasonable reinforcement program, and scientific packing plan. In the reinforcement of the work, and finally achieved the goal of the goods to reach the destination of "zero loss", the receiver was highly praised.

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