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Wuhan to Ulaanbaatar Container Direct Project

2019-07-26 11:38:22

Manufacturer: ZTE Corporation
Equipment: Communication equipment
Industry: Communications Industry
Time: May 2012
Route: Wuhan (China)--Lambato (Mongolia)
Carrier: Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co., Ltd.

On the morning of May 13, 2012, the Wuhan-Ulaanbaatar Railway Container International Direct Train was slowly hoisted from Wuhan Wujiashan Railway Container Center Station. It was packed with 48 40-foot containers and shipped 1,440 tons of fiber-optic cable products through Erlianhot Port. Send to Ulaanbaatar. It marks the opening of the special railway channel for railway containers from Wuhan, which is the “Nine Provinces Wanted” to Wuhan. It is of great significance for Wuhan to build inland ports.

This international container container is operated jointly by Shenzhen Neptune Co., Ltd. and China Railway Multi-Link Corporation. The special train extends the cargo agent logistics service chain to the international direct route, one-boxing, one-to-one, full-service, set starting point, set running time, and set the transportation price. The railway marshalling stations are not re-edited, and the car skins are not reloaded, which greatly improves the direct, punctuality and assembly of railway freight.

From Wuhan to Ulaanbaatar, the whole journey is 2,601 km. The whole time is compressed from the original 18 days to about 10 days. The international intermodal transport only needs one declaration and one inspection release, which greatly improves the transportation capacity, efficiency and safety of the international passage. The freight and process have made great breakthroughs, providing a safe, fast, economical and environmentally friendly transportation platform for the export of industrial products produced by Hubei enterprises to Mongolia, Central Asia and Europe, and the market competitiveness will be significantly improved.

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