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Transport LV Ulaanbaatar flagship store decoration materials

2019-07-26 14:37:13

Client: Taiwan's well-known interior design company (one of LV interior decoration suppliers)
Destination: Outer Mongolian Ulaanbaatar
Implementation date: May 2009

Louis Vuitton is the representative of luxury, but also the LV that people nowadays. More than 50% of the population in outer Mongolia lives in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. The city centre of Ulaanbaatar is home to the most prestigious shopping malls, and the luxury brands here are like the Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Louis Vuitton occupies the most prominent location, where a bronze statue of Lenin stood.

Our company is responsible for transporting the decoration materials in the flagship store of the Genghis Square in Ulaanbaatar. The craftsmanship is complex, and many of them are specific decoration or decoration materials (such as: art glass, suspended ceiling, plaster line, hollow wood carving). It is necessary for the carrier to pay special attention to the handling and transportation of the container/van truck:
1. When packing into the box, in order to prevent the crushing from being placed vertically, it should be stacked in the straight direction according to the packaging requirements;
2, the handling should be very careful, to lightly lift, can not be reversed, placed in a balanced, not overweight;
4, it is not easy to mix with other items, to avoid the goods being crushed by pressure and compression;

In the process of transportation, picking up the goods from the factory, supervising loading and unloading, customs declaration, customs clearance, and customs clearance delivery, etc., our company adheres to the principle of “one consignment, one settlement, one vote in the end, full responsibility”, and the goods arrive in construction in a timely and safe manner. on site.
Taiwan Design Company highly appreciated the high level of operation and timely feedback of cargo information, and helped to enhance the reputation of the design company in LV.

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