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Sulpak E-Commerce(One of the largest electrical sales companies in Kazakhstan

2019-07-26 12:01:27

Sulpak is one of the largest household appliances and consumer electronics sales companies in Kazakhstan, with large physical stores in large and medium-sized cities in Kazakhstan. In addition to the traditional large-scale physical store sales channels, Sulpak is also the largest online electric appliance sales e-commerce company in Kazakhstan, selling products online and delivering goods to the door. Its network covers the whole of Kazakhstan and is popular among people in Kazakhstan. The Sulpak brand has a high reputation and reputation.

Sulpak and Neptune Logistics Cooperation Transportation Introduction:

Sulpak is similar to China's e-commerce company-- Jingdong. It has very high requirements for logistics and distribution. On the basis of ensuring safety, "fast" means everything, because it is directly related to the customer experience. Most of Sulpak's goods are sourced from China, especially refrigerators, air conditioners, and color TVs produced in South China.
In the past, the transportation supplier of the Sulpak international segment was a local company in Kazakhstan. After receiving the order, it was subcontracted to its Chinese agent. A shipment order from the Sulapk freight manager was passed through at least 2-3 companies. It is inefficient to get to the agent of the final operation.

After the contact with Neptune Logistics, I learned about the Neptune logistics service concept and the perfect service network in China. The cargo manager of Sulpak's import department expressed strong interest in cooperation.
Neptune’s sales team immediately flew to Almaty and Sulpak’s logistics team for in-depth, face-to-face communication and detailed responses to their questions. As a local Chinese company, the railway company’s agent,Nur Sultan (formerly known as Astana)Airlines In the South China region, the first-class freight forwarder, at the station, the customs has its own office and customs declaration company, the response speed is faster than most companies.

Neptune Logistics' management plan for cargo transportation:

Due to the high value of goods transported by Sulpak, such as LED TVs and laptops, they are often stolen in large numbers during transportation. In addition to purchasing cargo insurance, there are not many ways. Although insurance companies can give claims after the accident, they seriously affect the delivery of their products.
"Through the sincere cooperation with Neptune Logistics, Sulpak's logistics team has effectively solved the problems faced and provided a strong guarantee for the company's eager and fast-moving service in the Kazakhstan e-commerce market."

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