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Dow Chemical DOW Caspian Sea Desalination Project

2019-07-26 11:51:50

For the management of multinational construction projects, what you are most afraid of is: engineers and construction workers are on the scene, looking forward to the arrival of construction materials, very fortunate, Ocean Logistics did not let this happen, thank them for their efforts. ——DOW flow department head

Starting place: Shanghai
Transfer to Hong Kong: POI (Poj)
Destination: Baku (BAKU) Azerbaijan

Dow Chemical (DoM) is a multinational chemical company ranked 105th in the Fortune Global 500 and the largest chemical company in the United States. DOW is a leading global company known for its science and technology, providing innovative chemicals, plastics, agrochemicals and services to major consumer markets with annual sales of $40 billion.

In 2012, Dow Chemical built a desalination project for the Azerbaijani government in Baku, the capital of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. Because it is a government project, the construction period is tight on the punctuality of supply chain delivery, and DoW has carried out bidding suppliers. After strict screening, Neptune Logistics Group stood out from the competition with more than ten years of project logistics management experience in the CIS region and won the trust of DOW.

To this end, Neptune Logistics Group has set up a special project elite management team, and has communicated with DoW in detail, designed a fast-moving transportation plan for “sea transportation and road truck transportation”, and sent the project team to the main node of transportation in Georgia. Port of POT. Conduct on-site inspections of important nodes such as routes and port truck transfers. It laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project. Under the joint efforts of Neptune Logistics Group and DOW. The project is completed ahead of time and delivered for use.

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