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Chery agricultural machinery and heavy equipment rail transport

2019-07-26 11:17:32

Commissioned by: Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
Destination: Dushanbe,
Tajikistan Date of implementation: August -September 2013

Neptune Logistics is not just a simple transportation company, but also a partner that works with us to help us identify more opportunities. - Project leader

Chery Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has achieved a large market share in the field of agricultural machinery and heavy equipment in Central Asia through the cultivation of the Central Asian market in recent years.

In other markets, there are good products, good production management, strong research and development capabilities, strong market sales staff, almost equal to success. But in Central Asia, due to geographical constraints, these excellent conditions, is not enough. You will encounter many problems. The first challenge is how to deliver excellent products through safe, fast, and low transportation costs.

In the past transportation, due to the large volume of the single piece of goods, Chery's other logistics providers provided a bare-plate transportation plan for the railway flatbed, which involved reinforcement and required re-installation and reinforcement at the Kazakhstan port.

The railway flatbed truck is transported barely, the goods are blown and wet during the transportation of more than 20 days, and many unnecessary extra costs are incurred due to the reinforcement, which makes the product market competitiveness less.

Neptune Logistics Group through in-depth communication with Chery engineers, in their product information and 3D view, the Neptune Project Team members carried out a detailed measurement of the size of the product, to Chery's engineers to propose a bold transport ation plan, using specially designed reinforcement frames, tractors for double reinforcement, Through international standard container transport, 40 per cent of freight costs will be saved in one fell swoop. Our proposal was adopted by Chery and was highly commended for the programme.

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