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Carrying UB Construction Company Project

2019-07-26 11:23:04

Client: Outer Mongolia Construction Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chinese suppliers: Shougang, LSEC glass, ASA tiles, Yingliang stone, mountain flower carpet
Destination: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Industry: Construction Industry
Implementation date: July 2013 to present

Outer Mongolian Construction Holdings Co., Ltd. is highly regarded in the construction industry of Outer Mongolia.
With high-quality products, advanced management level, timely completion of projects, and strategic partnerships with prestigious suppliers, the company has already gained a large market share in the construction sector in the outer Mongolia region. It has successfully built TDBank office, advanced Apartments and student apartments.
There are many problems. The first problem to be faced is how to deliver excellent quality products in a timely, safe and low-cost transportation.

In the past transportation, due to the goods were purchased in a relatively scattered product name, and some were still chemical products, other logistics suppliers could not provide integrated logistics solutions. After contacting with Neptune logistics, Neptune has conducted in-depth communication with foreign senior procurement personnel and china-based suppliers. Under the guidance of our professional operators, the Chinese suppliers have correctly and timely provided the application elements of products and chemical identification reports.

The Neptune team used the buyer's collection and transportation method to use the Neptune Group's new container (NPTU) to ensure timely and safe arrival of the goods at the Ulaanbaatar station, saving 20% of the freight.

Our professional and comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions have been highly praised by customers: “Neptune Logistics has helped us to reduce the non-productive costs of inventory, warehousing, transportation, etc. We are moved by the professionalism of the company's top management, sales staff and docking operators. The goods can provide tracking information in a timely manner. The Neptune Logistics Group is not afraid to be an expert in international multimodal transport, and we will create a win-win chain!"

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