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Beijing Hua oil energy fracturing vehicle group self-driving transport service

2019-07-26 10:54:54

Cargo: Fracking vehicle transport
Mode: Self-drive transport
Cycle: 17 days Executed: January 2014

When we face more than 500 high-value projects, the boss and me: "What are our most reliable and trusted partners", I do not think about the answer "Neptune Logistics", they can help us to deal with the logistics delivery questions.
--- Manager of China Oil Energy Department


Through early communication with customers, understand the needs of customers:
1, the final use of the fracturing vehicle group for Kizi, although tentatively we are only responsible for transport to Almaty, but hope that Ocean Logistics can provide Yantai to Horgos, Julgos to Almaty, Almaty to Kizi segmentself self-driving costs;
2, because the fracturing car group is a special vehicle, so the driver needs to go to the factory before the road to accept - day of driving guidance training, in recognition before driving on the road, so the best freight forwarder can reserve a number of drivers to the factory for training, and then select the best recruitment, so as not to the driver does not meet the requirements and cause shipping delays.
3, in principle, the requirements of PetroChina oil, so the driver needs to have a certain understanding of the entire route, list of the fees that will be paid to the driver in the quotation;
4, before leaving the country, need to Urumqi to do maintenance, it may take about three days time, please set out in the quotation day need to pay the driver's fee; 5, I will send a number of engineers escort, arrived in Holgos, need to be the agent to find a translator to help the Chinese driver to teach the driver how to drive.

Develop a solution:

The value of this project is more than 50 million RMB. Although Neptune Logistics has experience in self-driving projects, it has operated railway overruns and self-driving projects from Yantai Jerry through fracturing trucks, but our project team is very cautious.
in the face of such high-value goods, the first thing to ensure is the safety of the goods.Through communication with customers, we proposed to send an off-road vehicle in front of the exploration of road and bridge conditions, confirm that the gas station oil meets the requirements of the fracking vehicle, timely feedback to the self-driving group.
Fracking car group belongs to the overweight over-limit cargo, in the process of confirming the cost of foreign sections, can be described as a twist and turn.Different agents have not the same awareness of the over-limitation of the Kazakh country. Some people say that the single-axis cannot exceed 8 tons. Some people say that the single-wheel cannot exceed 2 tons. The standard is different, which makes the price great difference.
After business, operation of colleagues, as well as the director of the filter screening, through a number of telephone video meetings with foreign agents, item by item confirmation of notes, and finally developed a perfect solution and preferential transportation prices, the program design has been highly recognized by customers.

Project execution:
Because the value of goods for this project is too large, the customer company attaches great importance to the next project.The customer sent pressure car personnel, the requirements are very strict, travel plans must be provided daily , strictly control the speed on the way, and must reach 1500 rpm, the whole process of low-speed high-grade, so that the entire process of fuel consumption increased. The customer arranges a escort person in each fracturing vehicle to supervise the driver's driving throughout the process, preventing oil theft and illegal operation. Port customs inspection is very smooth, safe, punctual completion of the customer's commission, has been highly praised by customers.

Operating cycle: (17 days from pick-up to completion of delivery)
January 5 driver on-site training
January 6 pick-up factory
Arriving in Urumqi on January 12th
Maintenance in Urumqi on January 13
All arriving in Horgos on January 14th.
To complete the inspection on January 15th.
January 16 to complete the customs declaration day on the national gate queue
January 17departure
January 20 to complete the over-limit licensing process Arriving in Almaty on January 21st.

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