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Uzbekistan mung bean import train

2019-07-22 17:08:12

January 8, 2018  According to the "General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the Uzbekistan Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources on the Uzbekistan Mungbean Plant Quarantine Requirements Protocol" and relevant Chinese laws and regulations, allowing Uzbekistan mung beans to lose to China.
May 11, 2018  Fully loaded with Uzbekistan mung beans, loaded from the Tashkent capital of Uzbekistan, and arrived at Xi'an port via the Horgos port.
On May 15, 2018  the first mung bean class "Chang'an" entered Xi'an Port, marking the first time that Uzbekistan's mung beans entered the Chinese mainland through the Central Asian train.

Uzbekistan is sunny, more than 300 days of sunshine, high levels of soil organic matter, producing high-quality agricultural products. The green beans in Uzbekistan do not use fertilizers and pesticides and are safe and healthy pure green products.

With the increasing demand for quality agricultural products in China, the domestic opening of the mung bean in January 2018, under the premise of clarifying domestic demand, Neptune Logistics Group has offices in Uzbekistan, relying on the Group's local resources to communicate and supply. We will create a high-quality transportation plan for domestic customers. On the basis of organizing good supply, we will coordinate the government departments of Uzbekistan, the sites along the Sino-Ukraine Railway and the customs declaration documents of the customs, so that the mung bean special trains filled with the sunshine of Central Asia will last for 4 On the 15th of May, 2018, the Tashkent-Horgos port arrived in Xi'an, China.

As a transportation expert in the Belt and Road Economic Belt, Neptune Logistics will have a batch of excellent products from Central Asia and even European countries along the economic belt. It will be mobilized through the special line of the ocean!
The Neptune is creating an "unrealizable mission"!

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