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Ufa, Russia--Chengdu Wood Back to City

2019-07-22 17:09:25

At 5:32 am on November 12, 2017, Beijing time, a 40-foot container filled with 41 pieces of broken wood slowly entered the city of Chengdu, the central city of southwest China, from Ufa, the capital of the Basque Republic. The class was negotiated and organized by Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Group (hereinafter referred to as Neptune Group) and the Russian Export Center Group Corporation, and successfully cooperated with Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS to launch the first Erenhot The final destination of the port to reach the timber class of the capital, created a precedent for the entire column of timber to the international iron transport in western China!

The timber import project, the requirements for the import of goods and the service requirements of the carrier are extremely high. In the early stage of the project, the senior leaders of the Neptune Group organized the group's operational director, sales manager, operations, field and other departments who are proficient in Russian & English and went to the Erenhot port to coordinate. The details of transportation and customs affairs, and many times with the relevant person in charge of Chengdu to discuss the various issues of the project, to ensure that all aspects of the transportation process smoothly smooth!

Ufa, Russia--Chengdu
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