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Storage and rail transportation of tank containers

2019-07-26 12:24:35

The Blue Sky Logistics LLC based in UB, Mongolia mainly sells and leases tank containers. In 2012, Bluesky commissioned the world's leading container manufacturing company to produce 100×20 tank containers, which are mainly used for storage and transportation. Various liquids (food, petroleum products, chemicals, etc.), these tank containers are manufactured to international standards.

Client: Blue sky Logistics LLC
Execution time: December - April 2012
Solution: Storage and rail transportation of tank containers
Starting place: Tianjin Xiyingmen Station
Destination: Dalhan, Mongolia
Total transportation: 100×20 feet tank container
Description of the goods: 20-foot tank container

Storage and transportation are handled by Tianjin Tieyang International Logistics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Neptune Logistics Group. When customers choose partners, they first need to find a company that can provide tanker-specific truck transportation to assist in the completion of the port area. The transportation of the yard. Then find a yard that can store tank containers, and finally find a railway agency with international railway transportation qualifications and experience. The emergence of Neptune Logistics has made customers shine. We not only have more than 10 years of experience in international multimodal transport, but also experience in handling tank storage and transportation. We can provide a complete set of solutions. Start a happy cooperation.

With tank container shipping experience, and international rail transport qualifications and experience, the storage tank container storage yard, from the port area to the railway station tank container special truck , Neptune Logistics is the partner we are looking for. They combine these services organically to interpret the meaning of the existence of international multimodal transport carriers.
——Blue Sky

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