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Outer Mongolia Subaru Transportation Project Partner

2019-07-26 10:45:49

Transportation route: Tianjin Xingang - Erlianhot / Zamen Ude - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Cooperation time: March 2014 - present
Goods: Subaru
Industry Solutions: Automotive Manufacturing
Project Overview:
Subaru off-road vehicles have a high market share and reputation in Outer Mongolia. As the largest import and export port for complete vehicles in China, Tianjin Xingang also serves as the nearest seaport to the outer Mongolia, providing convenient transportation conditions for Subaru to enter the Mongolian market. However, the most challenging part is precisely the transportation from Tianjin Xingang to Outer Mongolia. How can the products be delivered to the customers accurately, safely and on time after the order is placed by the terminal customers? This is the mission of  Neptune Logistics and also the task. Where.

Project operation:
As one of Subaru logistics suppliers, Neptune Logistics Tianjin Branch (Tianjin Tieyang International Logistics Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as: Tianjin Tieyang) is solely responsible for the transfer, replacement, short bar, packing and reinforcement of products after arriving in Tianjin Xingang. Whole transportation services such as order making, shipping, tracking management, and destination delivery.

From the date the order is placed by the terminal customer, our company will immediately start the process of changing the order and transshipment. After the customs clearance, the products will be transported to Tianjin Binhai Yard under the conditions of customs supervision, and will be packed, reinforced and sealed at the coastal yard. Then, it will be transported to the Tianjin Xingang Railway Ready Depot by means of a supervised vehicle to arrange the departure.

Customer Reviews:

The whole process is supervised and managed by our field personnel to ensure that each link is completed efficiently and accurately. For more than a year, all orders have been delivered within the specified time, and the "0" accident rate has won the praise of customers.

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