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Steel pipe from Beijing to Manglashek railway transportationr

2019-07-26 14:16:39

Implementation cycle: June 2009 - August 2009
Total transportation: 10,923 tons / 251 cars
Mode of transport: international rail transport
Transportation mileage: 5400-6100 km
Departure: Wuxi South Railway Station, Fengtai West Railway Station
Description of the goods: steel pipe
Destination: Grashke, Garibata

Report the station-to-destination international rail transport plan and negotiate the work of the relevant departments:
Handling international railway transportation procedures from the originating station to the destination, paying the station transportation costs, lifting charges, loading reinforcement costs; handling customs clearance, customs clearance and payment of relevant fees. According to the delivery time of the factory, the wagon is arranged in advance to realize the loading operation of the truck to the wagon and speed up the delivery. Send technicians to on-site guidance of loading operations, timely and accurate delivery of cargo delivery information, loading information, railway waybills, and in-transit information, providing a strong guarantee for fast transit, replacement and safe and timely arrival of goods. . Our company has won the trust and praise of customers with high quality, fast and professional service.

Steel pipe
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