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Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2019-07-26 11:36:16

Project execution: April-July 2013
Route: Singapore - Tianjin - Ulaanbaatar (TCMR)
Mode of transport: sea-rail combined transport
As a world-renowned international multimodal transport service provider, Neptune Logistics has strong engineering project logistics capacity integration capabilities. We are fortunate to contribute to the development of all countries in the world. In April-July 2013, Neptune Logistics assumed responsibility for the transportation of steel structures for the construction of the Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The main route of the project is Singapore-Tianjin-Ulaanbaatar, and Neptune Logistics is responsible for the door-to-door transportation service.
In order to facilitate the smooth transportation of the project, Neptune Logistics coordinates all parties, communicates at home and abroad, picks up the goods from Singapore's steel structure factory, ships to Tianjin Port, and then transfers it to the Ulaanbaatar Railway Station. The steam is transported to the construction site of the project hotel.

Neptune has an experienced project logistics management team, through careful route planning, provides a complete solution and standardized operation through IS9000·2008 quality system certification to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. In line with the one-stop, full-responsible work philosophy, our team has built a solid bridge for the transit of customers and promoted the economic development of the landlocked countries.
The Neptune Logistics team first built itself into a solid bridge, serving customers and serving customers. Neptune are willing to be the bridge for customers, connecting consignees and consignors, and completing transportation tasks safely and quickly. This is our mission. 

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