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Transport of the Tbilisi Ring Road Railway Project in Georgia

2019-07-26 12:34:21

The Tbilisi round-the-city railway project, with a total length of 38.612 km, is the largest infrastructure construction project in the country's history. The main engineering quantities are 28.73 kilometers of new double-track track, 9.96 kilometers of oil line transformation, 2 new stations, 5 total lengths of 3585 meters, 1368.5 meters of bridges, 8.5 million square meters of earth and stone, design speed of 120km/h and track gauge of 1.52m. The construction period is 3 years and the project investment is 358 million Swiss francs, equivalent to 2.155 billion yuan.
The project is the largest engineering project in Georgia's history and the largest engineering project currently undertaken by China Railway Construction Corporation in the CIS countries.

Client: China Railway 23rd Bureau Group Co., Ltd.
Route: Shanghai - Tbilisi
Implementation date: October 2010 - May 2011
Carrier: Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co., Ltd.

China won the bid to build the Georgia Tbilisi Ring Road Railway Project, and the first batch of materials and equipment arrived at the destination smoothly. As a leading logistics company in the international multimodal operation industry, Neptune Logistics has become the carrier of this project. The first batch of more than 40 sets of construction mechanization and more than 50 large vehicles and other materials totaled more than 1 million tons. Rent a bulk carrier for transportation. For carriers that can be the project, this is the embodiment of the company's strength. There are more than a dozen companies participating in this project, including many shipping giants.

“Our team has done a lot of work in the early stage. From the choice of ship type, providing transportation process, cost accounting, etc., Neptune Logistics has developed a very detailed logistics plan, and it is through this nuanced work that the Neptune Logistics has stood out from more than a dozen bidding companies."

In the face of such a huge load of equipment and materials, in just over ten days, Neptune Logistics Company quickly transferred the batch of professional and experienced staff to form a professional team stationed at the port site, and the high quality and high efficiency was successfully completed. The shipping task provided an important guarantee for the smooth start of the first batch of materials.

The head of the project, Amy Zou, is very optimistic about the future big project logistics business. She said: "Chinese companies have implemented the "going out" development strategy, and more and more large-scale projects and projects will be undertaken abroad. Logistics enterprises have provided good development opportunities. Enterprises regard large-scale project logistics as an emerging growth point, and seize market share through professional market distribution and international logistics distribution."

Railway Project in Georgia
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