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Nursultan (Original name:Astana) new mosque building materials transport


2019-07-26 12:28:39

Client: Turkey SML Construction Company
Execution time: June 2011 - May 2012
Mode of transport: full-scale motor transport
Transportation route: Quanzhou - Horgos port - Nursurtan

The construction of the new Hazret Sultan Mosque in the Sultan of Nurs (formerly known as Astana) is a project of the Kazakh government. The city of Halal is located in the new city centre of Nur Sul, designed in combination with Kazakhstan and Islamic style. It can accommodate 5,000 people. The new mosque consists of two parts, one consisting of the main building mosque itself and other adjacent vestibule area pillars. The building area is 17,000 square meters, the height of the main dome is 51 meters, and the four spires are 77 meters.

A large number of marble designs are used inside and outside the Hazret Sultan Mosque. Most of these marble materials are sourced from Fujian, China, and Neptune Logistics undertakes the transportation of these marble building materials.
Before September of 2011, transportation was in progress, but when it entered September, most of the driver visas in Kazakhstan expired. At the time, both China and Kazakhstan tightened the issuance of driver visas, resulting in skyrocketing freight rates. It is hard to find a car at the Horgos port. Under this circumstance, the Neptune Logistics team was divided into two groups. One team rushed to the Horgos port to coordinate the processing at the first time, and the other team flew to Almaty and Nursultan to coordinate face-to-face with multiple teams. In a short period of time, more than 30 transport vehicles with visas were obtained, and the project was delivered on time and made a big contribution.

Nursultan Mosque
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