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Jerry's large cargo steam and iron transport

2019-07-26 11:30:46

Transportation route: Yantai--Aketao
Shipping time: August 2013
Mode of transport: large cargo steam and iron combined transport  &  motor transport
Number of wagons: 5 cars
Fracturing truck equipment, the goods are very expensive, the total value is more than 30 million yuan. Safety is the number one priority for customers. Therefore, from the beginning of the customer's contact, we provide a complete solution, through the previous route planning, pre-selection plan, and pre-payment measures are carried out, and finally deliver the goods safely and on time to the customer. From the departure to the goods to the destination is very smooth, the customer is very satisfied with the operation of the ocean logistics.

Fracturing equipment: size 12 × 2.7 × 3.2M, the solution designed for customers is full railway transportation. 32M high is a normal cargo abroad, and the domestic is a first-level overrun. After entering the station, the customs clearance will be completed in a total of three days, and the foreign dressing is also very fast. Overall, the operation is very smooth.
Sand mixing and instrumentation equipment: sand mixed 11.65 × 2.70 × 4.1m; instrument 12.15 × 2.72 × 383m. It belongs to the semi-trailer and can be driven like a normal car as long as it is attached to the front. Therefore, our plan is to use the front of the car to drag to the Alashankou, after the customs clearance, in the car change from Dosdek. These two cars are super-high cargo belonging to the super-super-heel, so the foreign used is the grooved car.

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