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One Belt and One Road Cross-border E-commerce Shanghai--Moscow train

2019-07-26 10:10:36

On March 30, the Cross-border E-Commerce of the Belt and Road E-Commerce (Shanghai-Europe) held its debut ceremony in Shanghai. As the first cross-border e-commerce in Europe and China, Shanghai-Europe will provide new channels and services for cross-border e-commerce, and explore and build a new fast-track for commercialization of economic and trade cooperation between Asia and Europe.

The future has come, and the strong growth of cross-border e-commerce is leading China into the new trade era.
The “One Belt, One Road” initiative advocated by the central government has accelerated the development of multiple modes of operation of logistics – the “acceleration” of the China-Europe team has become one of the main players in the international market and “steady growth”.

Today, Shanghai, Neptune Group, United China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., and COSCO Shipping Container Transportation Co., Ltd. jointly launched the “Overseas Warehouse on Wheels” – Cross-border E-Commerce (Shanghai-Europe), from Shanghai to Moscow, the line will be opened soon. The opening ceremony of the first train of Hu-Europe will be set off in this bright spring.

This train has provided more diversified choices and personalized services for enterprises, logistics units and import and export, cross-border e-commerce customers in the economically active area of the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center. It also marks the role of the East. Shanghai, the “bridgehead”, has concretely implemented and implemented the economic and trade business under the “Belt and Road” initiative.

We define Hu-Europe as a “Shanghai-European boutique train”, which is derived from our preferred combination of economic and trade fields for cross-border e-commerce and solutions for CEIBS. Under the current customs clearance policy, cross-border e-commerce goods are declared for export in the form of general trade. In order to solve some inherent problems in cross-border e-commerce trade (such as masks, such as Ou Banlie is almost its only logistics option), while letting the Central European train The column is grounded to more market segments to create a profit for customers. We combine professional resources and the multi-modal operation mode of the Ocean 16+ year.

The Shanghai-European train is the first in the country to be fully market-oriented. We are very happy to take a small step. In the future, the Neptune will have enough confidence in the "multimodal transport system" and "box carrier". And even deeper exploration in the direction of cross-border supply chain finance.

At the same time, the forum of the “Sino-European Seminar on Sustainable Development” will be held simultaneously. The China Railway Shanghai Bureau, China Railway Container, COSCO Shipping Containers and industry scholars will participate in the discussion on the prospects of the development of China-Europe. Market operation. The future has a long way to go, and the fine train requires the support and guidance of the government, customs and other departments.

The future has come, Shanghai and Europe boutique train, helping cross-border e-commerce. Neptune, we are ready!

In addition, the Neptune-Moscow class of the Neptune Group is also in sync today. Today, for the foreigners who are deeply involved in the field of multimodal transport, the meaning is unusual!

One Belt and One Road
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