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1X150MW coal-fired power plant project partner

2019-07-26 10:50:38

Route: Shanghai/Tianjin/Harbin-Alashankou/Horgos-Anglian, Uzbekistan
Executed: October 2014 - to date
Goods: Equipment, materials Volume: Estimated 90,000 billable tons

Introduction to the project:
Harbin Electric International Engineering Co., Ltd., signed an EPC contract with Uzbekistan Energy corporation in 2012 for the 1X150MW coal-fired power plant project, with a total contract of US$226 million. The Anglen coal-fired power plant project is located about 100 km east of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and is ideally located. The project uses a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler and a turbine generator set with a total installed capacity of 150MW.

Project Impact:
The Anglia coal-fired power plant project is the first EPC general contracting project of Harbin Electric International in Central Asia and the Russian-speaking region. The successful signing of the project marks the first successful entry of Harbin Electric International into the Central Asian power market, filling the gap in the company's project development achievements in Central Asia, for Harbin Electric International and even Harbin Electric Group in the development of emerging markets will be of strategic significance, It has laid a solid foundation for Kazakhstan International to further develop the market in Central Asia and the Russian-speaking region.

Project process:
Division I as a direct logistics supplier of Harbin Electric Group, mainly contract north China & South China region and part of the Northeast material collection, warehousing, customs clearance, inspection, loading, bundling, railway road transport, transfer and other work. From the beginning of contact with customers, Division I set up a special project team, for different materials to provide the most cost-effective transport ation plan, the route screening and planning, reasonable loading and optimization of materials, send technical personnel on-site guidance loading operations, cargo shipment shipping timely and accurate delivery information, loading information, railway transportation documents , in-transit information, for the port quickly transfer, replacement and cargo safe and timely arrival to the destination provides a strong guarantee. Division I to high-quality, fast, professional service has won the trust of customers and praise.

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