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Neptune Group Overseas HQ




Freight Forwarder in China & Singapore


About Us

Neptune Logistics group was Shenzhen Neptune Shipping Co. , established in 2005, 18 years of experience, with a professional project logistics & supply chain management team. Set the advantages of seafreight, airfreight, road transport, including international railway transport and other corresponding supporting services, through ISO 9001 2015 quality system certification, improve the service network, is committed to providing customers with highly competitive standardized logistics solutions.

Neptune Global Logistics Container being loaded
Neptune Global Logistics Container being loaded
One Belt and One Road to Europe

Bringing the Premium Quality Straight to Your Door

With our experience and advantage in multimodel transport, we can deliver freight forwarding services without middlemen.  

Make You Feel Nature

Nepture Logistics Singapore selects high-quality goods from different countries and regions to make you feel joy of supply chain. 

Our Awards


Project Team
China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Co., Ltd.

In the Tashkent Wastewater Treatment Plant Reconstruction Project in Uzbekistan, our company was deeply impressed by the professional level, sense of responsibility, and service awareness of Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Group in the implementation of this project. For this reason, on behalf of China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Co., Ltd., I would like to show my respect and heartfelt thanks to your company and all employees!

Freight Manager of ZTE Supply Chain
​ZTE Corporation

Neptune Logistics has been the main carrier in the area since it became the carrier of our CIS region in 2008. Neptune is good at handling sudden problems in special freight, providing rapid response and strong handling capabilities. Over the years, they have been assisting us in optimizing transportation routes and solutions in the CIS area, effectively improving the delivery efficiency of our sub-region supply chain and reducing delivery costs. Neptune Logistics is our trusted partner.

Freight Manager
​Beijing AVIC Merrill Lynch Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

I sincerely thank all the colleagues in the project department of Neptune Logistics for their selfless dedication and hard work. With the tacit cooperation and joint efforts of both you and us, the Coal Washing Plant Transportation Project safely and successfully concluded. For this reason, on behalf of Beijing AVIC Meilin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., I would like to show my respect and heartfelt thanks to all employees of your company.

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