Neptune weekly | Week 29, 2020
2020-07-20 10:50:18

  Road transportation  

1) Manzhouli Port: Automobile transportation of fruits, vegetables and medical materials can be cleared.
2) Khorgos Port: A small number of vehicles cross the border every day, and need to travel back and forth on the same day. The port can be unloaded and free of storage until fully opened.On July 20th, the swap trailer transport model was implemented,but the two section truck cannot be dropped.
2) Suifenhe Port: It has been opened, a small number of vehicles cross the border, and need to wait in line
3) Erlian Port: Dangerous goods can be produced through normal opening. Domestic road transportation has returned to normal, and advance reservations are available, and inquiries can be made when goods are available.
4) Kyrgyzstan: opened
5) Turgaite: closed
6) Irk port: slow traffic

  China-Nepal corresonoding port   

Zhangmu Port----Tatopani Port       
Jilongmu Port----Jesova port
1)Zhangmu Port:closed
2)Jilongmu Port:Opening, vehicles are slow to pass, need to queue.


1. The domestic trade ship has sufficient cabin space and the shipping schedule is normal.
2. Foreign trade shipping: Advantageous routes, the basic domestic ports-Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, Europe and the Black Sea, Africa, South America basically have sufficient space in all ports, at least two weeks in advance for booking.
3. Bulk carrier: All routes receive goods, welcome to inquire.

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