From 30th, Uzbekistan completely closed all airports
2020-04-08 10:30:54
On the 30th March local time, the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan announced that Uzbekistan had 11 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a total of 144 confirmed cases and 2 deaths.

Due to the serious epidemic situation, according to the Uzbekistan epidemic prevention and control headquarters, all airports in Uzbekistan will be completely closed from the 30th. The ban will continue until 00:00 on April 20.

In terms of transportation and cargo transportation, Uzbekistan's situation is as follows:

Tashkent and other capitals: Private cars are restricted and all people need to be isolated at home.

Air transportation: All passenger transportation is suspended. At present, there are only cargo planes for routes [Urumqi-Tashkent] cargo planes still available, which operate once a week. The next flight is on April 5. 

Rail transportation: The railway is currently operating normally, but starting April 1, all cargo entering Uzbekistan needs to be filed in advance,website: 

Information includes:

Wagon number, container number, carrier name, address and country, consignor name and country, consignee name, country, address, tax number, gross net weight and value of the goods, customs code, invoice number, invoice date, Waybill and other information.

International road transportation:Since China has restricted the entry of foreign personnel since March 28, currently Horgos only has one digit of vehicles enter the region per day, and Horgos has stranded thousands of vehicles and supplies, and it is expected to leave the country for more than half a month. 

Uzbekistan domestic transportation: Tashkent is in a closed status. Special supplies need a permit to enter and leave Tashkent. Foreign vehicles are prohibited from entering Tashkent. Direct transportation in other cities is normal, but it may also face difficulties in entering the city. 

Tashkent station and warehouse: affected by the closure of the city, the work efficiency is low, and it is basically in a non-working status.

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