New President of Kazakhstan visits China
2019-09-16 10:51:04


According to Xinhua News Agency, President Tokayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan has arrived in Beijing on September 10 to start a three-day state visit to China.
This is Tokayev's first state visit to China since he officially took office in June this year. During the visit, President Xi Jinping will hold talks with President Tokayev, attend the signing ceremony and welcome banquet.
In accordance with established practice, the two heads of state will sign and publish important political documents to make a comprehensive summary, planning and deployment of China-Kazakhstan relations, and give new positioning and connotation to China-Kazakhstan relations in the new period.
President Kazakhstan Attends the Sixth Plenary Meeting of China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee
Kazakhstan ’s “Industrial News” said on the 9th that Kazakh international expert Ambabayev believed that the president ’s upcoming visit to China was very pragmatic. The Kazakh side stated that increasing bilateral trade volume and encouraging more Chinese companies to invest in Kazakhstan are the main purpose of the Kazakh President's visit to China.
On the morning of September 11, the sixth plenary meeting of the China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee was held in Beijing. Kazakh President Tokayev attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.
The China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee was co-sponsored by the business communities of China and Kazakhstan in 2012. So far, it has successfully held five committee meetings and is the highest level and most influential regular meeting between China and Kazakhstan.
As always, this session has been highly valued by the leaders of China and Kazakhstan. Important political and business figures from China and Kazakhstan attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The conference invited more than 300 well-known entrepreneurs from home and abroad to participate in the conference to conduct special seminars on important topics. During the meeting, under the witness of the chairman of both sides of the China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee, a business agreement was signed.
The topics and achievements discussed at this meeting will inject new impetus into the development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Kazakhstan, promote the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” cooperation and achieve new results, deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and better benefit the two peoples.





Special discussion on the "New Silk Road" to build an international freight train "aorta"
At this meeting, special topics were discussed on the two major topics that China and Kazakhstan focused on. Among them, "New Silk Road: Cross-border Trade, Logistics and Communications Cooperation" as the first topic, the vice president of the Kazakhstan National Railway Company Kolov participated in the seminar and delivered an important speech.
Kazakhstan is an important foreign trade country of China. In 2018, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Kazakhstan and China was 11.66 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.3%. As of December 2018, China is the second largest export market and the largest source of imports in Kazakhstan. The main product of Kazakhstan's exports to China is mineral products, accounting for 46.2% of Kazakhstan's total exports to China. The second is metal products. Kazakhstan mainly imports mechanical and electrical products from China.
Safe, efficient and smooth logistics transportation services are the basis for the steady growth of trade. At present, the transportation of goods between China and Kazakhstan is mainly rail transportation and road transportation.
Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, is an important terminal and hub station for railway trains in Central Asia. Trains from Chengdu, Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities in China carry a batch of "Made in China" via Almaty and enter the five countries of Central Asia.
Kazakhstan is an important participant in the Belt and Road Initiative and the main artery of the Central European train to Europe. The Central Asian train is a vivid epitome of the expansion of pragmatic cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, and the creation of a “Belt and Road” circle of friends for consultation, co-construction and sharing.
At present, this logistics channel has achieved fruitful results, and the number of partners in the "friend circle" is gradually increasing.



Neptune Logistics participated in the sixth plenary meeting of the China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee
Sino-Kazakhstan transportation and logistics cooperation is the focus of the discussion of the China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee meeting. As a logistics and transportation expert specializing in providing international multimodal transport services for the five Central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia and other countries, Neptune Logistics is fortunate to be invited to attend the meeting .
On September 10, Ms. Bonnie Zhu , General Manager of Neptune Logistics Group, met with Chairman of Kazakhstan State Railway Co., Ltd. Mumbayev Savat and held a meeting. Kazakhstan Railway is one of the member units of the delegation that visited with the President. On the two sides, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on China-Kazakhstan railway transportation.
Neptune Logistics has been cultivating in the logistics and transportation field of Central Asia for 17 years. It has achieved excellent results and has rich transportation experience in the booking and chartering services of the Central Asian trains and charter services and large-scale project logistics. Neptune established a branch in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and has many experts familiar with cross-border logistics between China and Kazakhstan.
By participating in this conference, Neptune Logistics will further understand the future policies and prospects of Sino-Kazakh logistics cooperation. In the future, Neptune Logistics will further explore Sino-Kazakh logistics business opportunities and make due contributions to the construction of Central Asia International Freight Logistics.

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