Transport Logistics
2019-06-04 16:50:00

The four-day Transport Logistic has closed. This exhibition opened 10 exhibition halls, attracting 2,360 companies including 25 countries including China, Sri Lanka, Romania, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey.

According to Xinhua News Agency, at this exhibition, the CRExpress and digitalization and artificial intelligence became one of the three major topics of the Transport Logistic. The CRExpress was the focus of the exhibitors at the Transport Logistic. Two forums on "Reinvigorating the Silk Road" and "Innovative development, creating a new" Belt and Road "international logistics model".

Stefan Rummel, general manager of the Munich Convention and Exhibition Center, and Leila Batlbekova, deputy secretary-general of the International Association of Trans-Caspian International Transport Lines, have full confidence in the future of CRExpress. Batlbekova said, "CRExpress International Cooperation is injecting vitality into the regional economic and trade prosperity. In 2019, we plan to complete the transshipment of 60,000 TEUs across the Caspian Channel, and we are currently further strengthening Cooperation, I look forward to attracting more goods and trains from China. "

As a multimodal transport expert, Sino-European Train Service is one of the major transportation methods promoted by Neptune Logistics. At this exhibition, Neptune Logistics has also become the focus of exhibitors. The Sino-European train operated by Neptune Logistics has fast transportation speed, high safety and large single transportation volume, while greatly reducing transportation delivery costs and improving transportation efficiency. It has won unanimous praise from exhibitors and many visitors Customers immediately become our fans.

A long time ago, Neptune Logistics was looking forward to the arrival of this exhibition, and the results of the exhibition were not disappointing. Soon after the exhibition started, Neptune Logistics received hundreds of customers from Europe and other overseas regions.

 This exhibition is an important step for Neptune Logistics to expand into the European market, and kicked off the formal deployment of Neptune Logistics to the European market. In the future, Neptune Logistics will continue to explore high-quality, high-efficiency, and cost-effective transportation methods. With the joint efforts of all parties involved in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, CRExpress will be more powerful in Asia and Europe.

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