Neptune Logistics Chartered Project
2019-05-11 16:50:00
On May 11, 2019, the Neptune Logistics’s charter project was launched. A ship full of equipment cargo with a volume of nearly 2,000 cubic meters, weighing about 800 tons, and a value of tens of millions of RMB will depart from Tianjin Port. It is expected that direct shipping will arrive in 10 days Port of Magadan, Russia.

Neptune Logistics has always been proud of providing customers with cost-effective services. This charter project is based on the characteristics of heavy weight, high value, and excessive volume of the goods being transported, and combined with the needs of customers to provide the best transportation solution. Direct transportation, no transit, fast speed, high cost performance.

Be prepared in advance and don't panic during the incident. For this project, Neptune Logistics made sufficient preparations to compress the shipping and equipment bundling within 24 hours. After the shipment is completed, you can leave the port on the same day.

This charter project is another breakthrough of Neptune Logistics after charter flights and special package projects, marking that Neptune Logistics has officially entered the ranks of comprehensive land, sea and air logistics enterprises, and has stepped towards a more international and standardized large logistics enterprise. Step.

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