Russia's "News" interviewed Neptune Logistics
2019-04-25 16:50:00
Russia ’s “News”, first published in March 1917, mainly includes major events in Russia and abroad, analysis and commentary, economic and business, cultural and sports news, is considered to be one of Russia’s oldest authoritative newspapers, is Russia A highly qualified newspaper.
The second “Belt and Road” International Summit Forum was held in Beijing in late April. A reporter from Russia ’s “News” sent a report to Beijing to do the “Belt and Road” interview report. At the same time, reporters from the “News” specially invited companies dedicated to the “Belt and Road” to do corporate interviews, and the Tianjin Branch of the Neptune Logistics Group was invited to interview.
On the afternoon of April 25th, Beijing time, a reporter from “News” and a photographer interviewed Ms. Diana, the general manager of Tianjin Branch of Neptune Logistics Group.
The interview lasted about an hour and a half. The reporter interviewed the development history and main business of Neptune Logistics, and the impact of the “Belt and Road” on logistics, import and export, and customs clearance.
Neptune Logistics has been cultivating along the “Belt and Road”for 17 years. It has experienced the difficulties before the implementation of the “Belt and Road” and has also enjoyed the convenience after the implementation of the “Belt and Road”.
Neptune Logistics is deeply cultivating the five Central Asian countries and the Russian market. After the implementation of the “Belt and Road”, the trade volume between China and Russia has increased year by year. Neptune Logistics is very optimistic about the Russian market and firmly believes that China and Russia will work together to develop trade and cross-border transportation.
Therefore, the company actively participates in the construction of the “Belt and Road” land channel, passes through the post-Baikalsk port, the Kazakhstan Dostyk port, and the Erenhot port, and actively operates the work of the CRExpress in the Russian section and the European section.
The main service content of Neptune Logistics is to provide international container trains, and opened the point-to-point trains of [Ganzhou-Moscow]. This train is a weekly train dedicated to improving the speed of Sino-Russian transportation services and reducing transportation prices.
It is worth mentioning that the first trip to [Ganzhou-Erlian-Moscow] trains will start tomorrow, unstoppable, and it coincides with the Russian "News" interviewing the ocean, which is a good thing.
Here, first of all, we congratulate Neptune Logistics for being interviewed by the authoritative Russian media agency, "News", and secondly congratulate [Ganzhou-Erlian-Moscow] for the successful launch of the train.


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