2019-04-15 16:50:00
From April 15th to April 17th, 2019, TransRussia, a Russian transportation and logistics exhibition hosted by British International Trade and Exhibition Co., Ltd. ITE Group Plc, opened in Moscow.
As a multimodal transport expert, he combines the advantages of railway intermodal transport, maritime transport, road transport and other corresponding supporting services. He has a professional project logistics management team and a comprehensive service network. During the exhibition, Neptune Logistics ushered in visits and consultations from representatives of many enterprises.
In order to deepen the communication and cooperation between Neptune Logistics and its intended partners, after the end of the exhibition on the afternoon of the second day of the exhibition, Neptune Logistics hosted a gala event with the theme of "Neptune Night" at the Moscow Hotel.
In 2017, Neptune Logistics Russia Branch was established, but there has been no suitable opportunity to hold large and medium-sized evening parties in Moscow. The "Neptune Night" evening party was co-organized by Shenzhen Headquarters and colleagues from Moscow Branch, and invited Friends and customers participate.
The party was very successful, there was no difference between the positions of leaders and employees, and there was no difference between partners and customers. Everyone was like friends, relaxed and laughed in a relaxed environment.


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