Petroleum industry transportation
Транспорт нефтяной промышленности

The petrochemical industry is an important resource and basic raw material industry with a high degree of industrial relevance and plays a pivotal role in the national economy. The petrochemical industry mainly includes the petroleum and chemical industries. The industrial chain includes mining of oil and natural gas from top to bottom, petroleum refining and refining in the middle reaches, and organic chemical and polymer chemical industries in the downstream. In the future, China's petrochemical industry will shift from a speed and scale growth model to a performance and quality growth model. Neptune Logistics has been paying attention to the development of the petrochemical industry and has continued to provide transportation delivery services to Fortune 500 companies, Sinopec and PetroChina.
By integrating industry resources and supply chain management, Neptune has become a comprehensive logistics solution provider for production equipment transportation in the petrochemical industry. In response to the individualized needs of the petrochemical industry, Neptune Logistics is committed to innovation in services and cooperation models, and provides more thoughtful and faster logistics delivery services.
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