Chemical cargo and equipment transportation
Перевозка химического груза и оборудования

Transportation, storage and distribution of products in the chemical and scientific industries must first consider their safety, reliability, environmental sustainability and economic viability.
Therefore, there are strict regulations on safety and environmental control, transportation and handling. Neptune Logistics meets the most stringent requirements and we recognize the responsibility for cargo management safety and the environment. You can be confident that our “safety first” commitment is in line with government regulations and specific processing standards.
On your market commodities, intermediate or specialty chemicals, we can provide well-trained staffing, including bulk, dry and elastic fiber super sacks, red room and hazardous materials hazardous materials (dangerous goods), in addition, We also offer red room solutions including: temperature control storage, spark arrest equipment and forklifts, oil spill and recovery systems, steam sensors and specialized ventilation systems, safety/fire detection systems and emergency exhaust, small and medium sized Liquid container.
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