Furniture Wood Transportation Solutions
Мебель Древесина Транспортные решения
In the transportation of furniture wood, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the ventilation and drying of the material to protect the wood from moisture and the deformation of the wood board. Relying on the advantages of Neptune Logistics around the world, we can better optimize the cost of the local wood supply chain system. The trade link is set up by the subordinate Grand Supply Chain Company to establish a trade service platform, which integrates high-quality customers into the platform through the logistics channel to provide trade agents and ancillary services, and provides upstream procurement channels and downstream distribution channels.
Logistics and transportation links are led by Neptune Logistics to optimize transportation organization, optimize supplier selection, optimize full-scale logistics solutions, and provide customers with lower-cost door-to-door logistics services. The financial link relies on the full-course control capability provided by the logistics channel to provide supporting services such as property pledge and finance.
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